Academy Instructor Training

What will you get

  • Instructor materials to read prior to the workshop date and current Body Barre60 release video to be sent with full choreography and optional playlist.
  • 1 day in-person Body Barre Academy Training workshop
  • Teaching practice during workshop with direct verbal feedback
  • Final assessment video submission examination- submission within 3 months of workshop
  • New choreography released every quarter with licensing
  • Quarterly new release workshops
  • Become part of a Barre Instructor network


To be accepted for a place on our training course one/or more of the following qualifications are required:

~Level 2 Exercise to Music

~ Level 3 Personal Trainer

~ Recognised Pilates or Yoga Qualification

~ Degree/Diploma in Dance

~Recognised Dance Teacher Qualification

N.B if student feels they have relevant experience/ qualifications that are not listed here please enquire at where we can advise further.

Also open to participants who do not hold any pre-requisites but want to immerse themselves in our full-day workshop.

You can attend the workshop but will not progress to the video submission or practical teaching components of the course.

Training Workshop

Day 1

All students to partake in the current Body Barre60 Class lead by the Master Trainer (Michyla Hough) to build an understanding of the current release and experience a full Body Barre60 workout.

Learn the format of a Body Barre60 class which includes:

Section 1. Warm up

Section 2. Upper Body Centre section

Section 3. Lower Body Barre section

Section 4. Floor Barre/Core section

Section 5. Final stretch and cool down with relaxation

Learn the Body Barre 60 Section 1. Warm-up choreography- each component of the warm up will be broken down for technical feedback

Learn Section 2. Upper Body Centre exercises in current release. Practise each component with technique correction given by the master trainer

Learn Section 3. Lower Body Barre exercises in current release. Practise each component with technique correction given by the master trainer.

Learn Section 4. Floor Barre/Core exercises in release. Practise each component with technique correction given by the master trainer.

Learn Section 5. Cool down/stretch section

Workshop will finish with information given about the video submission for final assessment, licensing and any queries

Body Barre Licensing

Once qualified as a Body Barre instructor you will have all the tools that you need to complete your very own Body Barre60 class in the UK. We release new choreography each quarter for you to use for your classes and can play them to your own music or our recommended playlists (please note you will need a separate PPL license to play music if your gym doesn’t already for you)

Instructor Licensing

£15.00 a month or Yearly by online account payment £165.00 per year. You are able to cancel this with 30 days notice but you will no longer be allowed to teach Body Barre classes if you choose to do this.

Please note that we DO NOT allow classes to take place teaching Body Barre60 within 10 miles of Body Barre Boutique Studios.

Course price: £295 this includes all pre-course reading materials, video of current Barre60 release, 1- day intensive Body Barre Academy workshop and fee for submitting video assessment.

EMD UK Open Bursary £75 funding towards your course fees.

Step 1: Book your Body Barre training course

Step 2: Apply for funding on the EMD UK website (as soon as the funding round is open- upload your booking receipt to the application), upload proof of payment for training course

Step 3: Once you have completed your Body Barre Course and received your certificate send certificate to EMD UK via email –

Step 4: EMD UK will reimburse you the funding amount.

If you have any queries about the Open Bursary, please contact EMD UK on or visit the EMD website.